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August 20, 2018
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September 6, 2018

Spiritually Prepared

Hello, and thank you for coming to our home on the internet. I’m Joshua Beck, the new Dean of Spiritual Formation at Crossings Christian School. My role in this position is to oversee spiritual formation efforts throughout the school and encourage spiritual growth for everyone in the CCS community.

We are a school that values the Spirit. That second “C” is an integral part of our mission.

With that in mind, I’ll be posting here regularly as a way to encourage spiritual formation, starting with some of the basics of the Christian life. I hope you enjoy what you read here, and that it helps you see Jesus more clearly, so you can love him more fully.

CCS is a wonderful place. Thank you for being here.

Now on to the first post.

The mission of Crossings Christian School is to partner with parents and church to develop students into Christ-centered servant leaders who are academically and spiritually prepared for college and life. What does it mean, though, for our students to be “spiritually prepared”?

Are they “prepared” when they’ve heard all the Bible stories?

Are they “prepared” when they’ve learned about the “Christian” stance on drugs and sex?

Are they “prepared” when they obey everything they’re told to do?

Are they “prepared” when they start reading their Bible every day?

Growing spiritually is not that simple. Life isn’t that simple. Spiritual preparation is less like preparing for a test, and more like preparing your health.

That means building habits that make you a more healthy person. It’s is not a level you reach, it’s a way of life, one in which you will never cross the finish line. You may hit milestones, you will feel better, accomplish more, but you can never stop. You’ve never “made it.”

What does that mean for our students? And for us?

It means we don’t simply attempt to indoctrinate them with facts. You can know all you want about what food you should eat and exercises you should do, but that won’t make you healthy.

(That’s why the community and practices of the church are so important, by the way. We’re not getting what we need from church if it’s only a place to go, sing a few songs, get a lecture, and leave. That’s like going to the gym only to hear a concert, a pep talk, and leave expecting to be healthier. Those things are great, they’re important, but we can’t expect them to form us.)

Our goal is, first, to show them what a Christian life is like, so they know it when they see it in themselves. Second, help them build the healthy spiritual habits they need, slowly but surely.

We never arrive at spiritual preparedness, or spiritual growth. Our goal, then, is to be healthy. To build habits in our lives that help us become people who grow. The goal isn’t a line we cross, but a life we build.

Our mission is to develop servant leaders who are spiritually prepared for college and life. This really means we are developing servant leaders who are the kind of people who prepare, are preparing, and always will prepare.

Our job as teachers, parents, and even the students reading this, is to do the same. Your race isn’t finished yet. Keep running.

P.S. If you’re a CCS parent and would like to get involved praying for the school, we have a group that meets Wednesday mornings from 8:30-9:30 am in the hospitality room inside the competition gymnasium to do just that. We’d love for you to join us.