Parking Lot Safety Reminders

From Jeff Barry, CCS Security Director

I would ask that you observe some basic guidelines designed to provide the highest degree of safety during drop off and dismissal.

Preschool and Lower School:

  • Please cooperate with security and teachers on duty observing carpool etiquette and respect for staff and each other (Phil. 2:3). Impatience and cutting in line only serves to exacerbate carpool frustrations.
  • To ensure the safety of your children, it is imperative that you either park and walk your child to the crosswalk or drive through the carpool line. There are many children being dropped off in the parking lot and having to navigate traffic to get to the building. Most of the younger (Lower School) kids are not able to see over the parked vehicles and are stepping blindly into oncoming traffic.
  • If you park, please escort your child all the way to the crosswalk. If you choose to park and walk your child in, it is imperative that your child walk in lock step with you, not running ahead through the parking lot – both before and after school.
  • There should be no unattended students in the parking lot, and students must use sidewalks and designated crosswalks at all times.
  • While in the carpool line, please focus on the direction given by the carpool attendants, and remain free of any cell phone distraction. Please turn cell phones off during carpool.
  • Please instruct your kids to go quickly and directly into the school after they exit your vehicle.
  • Please use extreme caution while backing out of a parking space and when driving through the parking lot.
  • Please do not drop off or pick up your kids in areas that are not set up as designated pickup/drop off areas.

Middle School:

  • Our middle school students should not leave the sidewalk to cross the parking lot to a parked car. If you prefer to avoid the pick-up line, we urge you to park and walk up to pick up your child.

Upper School:

  • If you have student drivers, please remind them to drive slowly and carefully through the student parking lot keeping an eye out for kids that might run out from in between parked vehicles.

Thank you for your support as our resource officers and teachers work to keep your children safe. If we work together, we can provide optimum safety and timeliness to ensure our carpool functions safely and as intended.

Thank you ahead of time for your consideration and support.

Jeff Barry,
CCS Security Director