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A Note From Mr. Mac

Dear Parents,

In this digital age, it is a blessing to have the opportunity to instantly communicate with one another through a variety of means. While these different vehicles can be a blessing, I’m also reminded that the Bible has much to say about the ways in which we communicate. Several weeks ago at Crossings Community Church, one of our pastors, Andy Rauschkolb spoke on the tongue, and reminded the church that some of the misuse of the tongue that the Bible warns about is manifested today in the ways we use social media and other communication vehicles.

With that in mind, imagine our delight when at the first meeting of the PTF leadership, they presented the CCS administration with a suggested etiquette for the use of social media and other digital communication outlets. Please take the time to read their well crafted and thought out protocol. If we would follow these guidelines, I believe our school would better represent the One whose name our school bears. Thanks ahead of time for taking the time to read and put into practice this guide.

Your partner in Christ-honoring education,
Mr. Mac

Sponsorships Available Now

Support CCS and your business with a CCS sponsorship! CCS annual athletic and event sponsorships are available now and provide digital and onsite marketing of your business while providing vital funds that support the CCS  general operating budget.
A limited number of fall sports sponsorships are available now! Learn more or sign up online here. Contact questions.

CCS Onsite Nurse & Telemed

As a reminder, the CCS Nurse is onsite each day starting at 7:30 am. Services include to provide first aid and provide a standard of care for students and staff in case of injury or illness. Additional onsite services offered include on-site rapid testing for COVID-19, Flu, and Strep. For more information regarding these services or to download your insurance forms, click here.

Booster Passes Available for Entry to All Home Games

Knight Nation would like to invite you to join our 2020-21 CCS Booster Club. We are looking forward to an exciting year of sports. Your booster membership will allow you access to ALL home regular season sporting events. We also offer Grandparent Passes for our amazing grandparents. Joining the Knight Nation is a wonderful way to help support our CCS athletes and coaches.
Download your Booster Form here and return with check or cash to CCS by mail, with your student, or drop them in the lock boxes located in the front vestibules of each division building.

Taher Lunch Updates

Taher has been working hard to make your student’s lunch nutritious and delicious and is grateful for the overwhelming positive feedback on the taste and quality of their food. These daily food options always include a full-sized entrée, a side salad, and whole fruit. However, there may be times where that may not be enough for your child and they do offer a second serving for an additional $2.00, less than the price of a full meal. Taher also offers “grab and go” items to middle and upper school students that are optional, individually priced items including sandwiches, cookies, juice, Gatorade, chips and protein packs. Please discuss with your student any limitations on spending you may have with them. Taher is proving to be a great partner with the CCS family and we look forward to all the new and exciting food they are introducing to the menu.

Volunteer at Concessions and Support CCS Booster

Calling all parents and MS and US students! We need volunteers to support our athletic teams by helping in the concession stand! US students can also apply volunteer hours toward service hours.
Did you know that all proceeds from concessions directly support CCS athletics? It’s also a fun way to spend an evening with other CCS families and students! Please consider signing up for a spot, or two, TODAY!
Sign up for Varsity Football Concession
Sign up for MS Football, September 28

Parents Who Pray – Wednesdays at 8:30 am

Join us EVERY Wednesday morning at 8:30 am for Parents Who Pray in room 152 at Crossings Community Church (located in the chapel wing). Thank you for continuing to cover our students, staff, and families in prayer each week.

The Drawing Place – CCS Women’s Night of Worship

CCS Women, grab your friends and join us for a night of worship led by Jamie Smith at the Knights Football Stadium on October 11 from 7:00-8:00 pm. God is drawing His people to Him and when we gather together for His glory, He always shows up to refresh us, strengthen us, and equip us. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you (James 4:8).

Drive in Style with a CCS License Plate

Did you know you can purchase a CCS specialty license plate at any Oklahoma Tag Agency? Download your form or stop by any tag agency to add a little extra school spirit to your drive. Each purchase supports CCS Stuco.

All-School Homecoming Parade and Pep Assembly

The first CCS Homecoming Parade will be held on Thursday, October 22 at 5:30 pm in the CCS parking lots. Parents, students, and staff are encouraged to attend the parade and celebrate the 2020 Homecoming festivities! After the parade, Student Council will host an all-school pep assembly at the football field. Families are encouraged to follow the CCS reuKNIGHT standards in accordance with CDC and local guidelines during school events.

Second through fourth graders will also have the option of participating in the Homecoming parade. Students can decorate their bikes and ride the course of the parade. Prizes will be given for the best-decorated bikes. The students need to arrive in the parking lot between the Lower School and church at 5:00 p.m. Parents will drop kids off and wait for the parade to start at 5:30 p.m. Additional details to be announced.

Birthday Wishes Marquee

Want to make your CCS student feel like a celebrity on their birthday? We realize how hard it is for parents to miss out on birthday blessings for the time being, but you can still make your birthday girl or boy feel extra special by putting their name in lights on the birthday marquee! Simply click HERE, print and fill out the form, attach cash or check (payable to CCS PTF), and send to school in your child’s folder. We ask that you give at least two weeks advance notice to ensure your spot!

Campus Store

Three sided desk partitions now available to purchase in the campus store, limited quantity available and all sales final. Store hours remain Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7:30-9:30 am and Tuesday and Thursday 2:00-4:00 pm. Follow the campus store flag for entry into the commons. All other doors will be locked in accordance with back-to-school protocol.

If you placed an online order, we can deliver. Please email with your students name, grade, and teacher if applicable.

PS/Lower School

LS Cropped

PS morning carpool at the north preschool doors will begin at 8:00 am and conclude about 8:20 am. If you arrive after 8:29 am, please drive to the front circle drive and walk your child to the lower school office vestibule. Someone from the office will take your student’s temp and walk them to class. Please remember, only students and staff are able to enter the building at this time. Thank you so much parents. Carpool procedures are going great!

If you need to pick your child up from school before 3:00 pm carpool, please call the front desk when you are about 5 minutes away. Pull up to the circle drive, and someone in the office will walk your child out.

Students arriving to school before 8:00 am will be sent to before care. LS morning carpool begins at 8:00 am. To ensure safety, students should remain in their cars until greeted by a staff member. Please remember that students attending before care will be charged accordingly.

Second through fourth graders will also have the option of participating in the Homecoming parade. Students can decorate their bikes and ride the course of the parade. Prizes will be given for the best-decorated bikes. The students need to arrive in the parking lot between the Lower School and church at 5:00 p.m. Parents will drop kids off and wait for the parade to start at 5:30 p.m. Additional details to be announced.

As a reminder, our policy states that CCS students in grades K-12th grade should refer to the CCS uniform policy as outlined in the student handbook. This incudes that students wear an embroidered CCS polo shirt, CCS outerwear while in the building, and CCS approved bottoms which are clearly marked with the CCS knight head or Parker tags.

Please label all personal belongings including masks!

Due to limited space, After Care drop-ins are not being scheduled at this time. Please be sure and make other arrangements for your child if you are unable to pick up during LS scheduled carpool.

K-4th grade students received the Seesaw Family App QR code during their student orientation day.
PS/PK students will receive their QR code during their scheduled orientation time with their teacher.
Click here for easy to follow instructions to download the app and follow your student’s class today!

Middle School

MS Cropped

Join our school-wide reading challenge in the middle school, “The 40 Book Challenge!”
The Goal: Read 40 books between August 1 and April 30 (summer required reading does count).
The Rules: Read anything you enjoy! Books read in class count too! Only books read from August 1 through April 30 will count toward your goal. Every 100 pages read counts as one book.
Each time you complete a book, log it online in the Reading Challenge form or use a paper form, available in the library or from your English teacher. All books must be logged and TURNED IN to Mrs. Schenk by April 30, or they will not count for the challenge. There will be a fun celebration in May for all students who reach the 40 book goal!

Upper School

US Cropped

Do you have a high school student who is making a difference through volunteering? Applications are now open for the 2021 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards, honoring students in grades 9-12 for making meaningful contributions to their communities through volunteer service. Applications are available at and Students must submit their completed applications to Mrs. Jensen by November 10, 2020. Qualifying certified applicants receive President’s Volunteer Service Awards.

On Tuesday, October 6, 10th, 11th, & 12th students who opted-in to take the ACT will check-in by 8:05 am. CCS has registered and paid for this test administration. All school rules (such as mask wearing) will apply during ACT testing. ACT test takers should bring several No. 2 pencils with erasers (mechanical pencils or ink pens are not allowed). Students should also bring a permitted calculator ( for the math portion of the test as well. Room assignments will be posted across from the College Wall and upstairs across from the elevator.
All freshmen and sophomores (not taking the ACT) have been assigned a small group and will rotate through important skills workshops: (1) Cooking Skills; (2) College Planning (SCOIR) & Logging Service Hours (X2VOL); (3) Safety & Situational Awareness; (4) Leadership Development; (5) Life Skills (such as ironing & sewing a button) (6) Car Care & Safety; (7) Self-Care: Coping with Stress & Test Anxiety. Groups will be posted across from the College Wall and upstairs across from the elevator.
In order to maintain strict test security, juniors & seniors not taking the ACT will not be allowed to enter the building until the ACT administration ends at 11:45 am. Attendance will be taken 5th hour for all students.

All 9th, 10th, & 11th grade students will take the PSAT on the morning of Wednesday, October 14. The junior year is the qualifying year for the National Merit Scholarship program. Last year, CCS had three National Merit Finalists and two National Hispanic Scholars.

Girls Bible Study will meet this Tuesday, September 22 and boys will meet Friday, September 23 during lunch upstairs in the gym. Grab a school lunch or bring your own and join in!

The Administrative Team has made the decision to postpone Fall Ball due to the current Covid situation. We plan on having Fall Ball as soon as the health situation improves.

From individual subject tutoring to AP/ACT/PSAT/SAT test prep, attached is the latest Tutor & Test Prep Resources list from Mrs. Shields, Director of College & Academic Counseling.

Upper school drop-off and pick-up will remain similar to years past. However, the drive between the tennis courts and upper school building is reserved as an EXIT ONLY. Please plan to enter the campus from the north entrance and follow the directions listed in the US carpool map in dark pink.

As a reminder, all students should park in the church Venue Parking Lot. The new tennis court parking lot will not be available for parking, passing, pick-up, or drop-off.

Additionally, parents in MS and US carpool pass through the Venue Parking Lot. Student and parent drivers, should remain aware of their surroundings at all times.

This is the perfect time to revisit the CCS Way College Planning Guide! Take a few minutes to review the guide that provides an understanding of upper school at CCS as well as a roadmap to preparing for college.

Complete the Communications Request Form to submit your announcement.