Keystone Food Service

Keystone Food Service is a local, family owned, Oklahoma food management company that specializes in serving Public Schools, Fraternities, and Sororities. Keystone has been successfully servicing their accounts since 1993 and is comprised of six owners which are spread throughout the state, managing 37 accounts.

Keystone Food Service success in public schools is evident in the increased student and faculty participation of up to 145% increased participation in some schools. These kinds of results are achieved by serving fresh food that is prepared in a passionate, eye-appealing way. Including student groups and student leaders in menu planning and critiquing has also become a valuable tool.

Preschool through Fourth Grade Lunches $4.30

Fifth through Twelfth Grade Lunches $4.50

Purchase of Additional Milk or Water Bottle Only $0.50

Keystone Food Service pairs traditional meal service with a fresh salad bar. Salad bars are offered with the purchase of every school lunch and are designed with students in mind and are age appropriate. Fresh vegetables and fruits are available daily to Preschool through fourth grade students. A traditional salad bar is offered daily to all fifth through twelfth grade students. Typical offerings on the salad bar are romaine/leaf lettuce blend, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, pickled okra, pickles, eggs, cantaloupe, honey dew, strawberries, grapes, pineapple, peaches, apples, oranges and an array of salad dressings. Seasonal items are rotated in as available.

Crossings Christian School is excited to partner with Keystone and look forward to them serving our students healthy and nutritious meals.

To purchase lunches:

  • please make a check payable to Keystone
  • include your student(s) name(s) in the memo line
  • leave your check at the LS, MS, or US main office.

LunchTime online payment portal – view account transactions and make payments for lunch purchases. Instructions to set up a LunchTime payment portal account are available by clicking here.

Contact Keystone
For general questions, questions about your account or support about the CCS Keystone lunch program, please contact Heather,