Parent Teacher Fellowship

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”
Matthew 18:20

Dear Crossings Parents:

As a parent of a CCS student and member of our extraordinary CCS family, there are several ways to get involved and be a first hand witness to the many fantastic things that will take place within our CCS community this school year!

Parent Teacher Fellowship (“PTF”) is a wonderful ministry of the school that serves every student, parent, teacher and staff member of CCS. PTF was created to promote Christ-like fellowship among the families and staff of CCS and to bring into closer relation the home and school so that parents, teachers and staff may cooperate in the spiritual, mental and physical development of our students. In doing so, PTF aims to set an example of servant leadership for the students and families it serves!

Throughout the school year, PTF sponsors and hosts various activities and events that generate ample fun and wonderful fellowship opportunities for the entire school. In addition, PTF will provide unique and creative ways for students and parents to honor, recognize, support and encourage the remarkable group of teachers and staff at CCS. The following are examples of PTF hosted events:

  • New Family Celebration
  • Homecoming Food Truck Event
  • Knightwalk Celebration (PS/Lower School)
  • Pancake Breakfast (Upper School)
  • Spring Social/Dance (Middle School)
  • Daddy/Daughter Dance & Mother/Son Date Knight

As you can see, not only is PTF an important and exciting ministry of CCS, it is a great and simple way to serve! The giving of your time and talents (no matter what form they come nor the size), is needed and very much appreciated!

If you would like to help in any way or have questions about PTF or how you might be able to serve, please feel free to contact any member of the PTF leadership groups listed below!

Please come join us as we serve our LORD in a way that will bless you and our school!

General Council

President Laine Baker
Lower School Liaison Tracie Hughes
Middle School Liaison Beth Tollefson
Upper School Liaison Tammy Jensen
Lower School Division Chair Shelly Bell
Middle School Division Chair Rebecca Hill
Upper School Division Chair Kris Wooten
At-Large Representative Amanda Crotts
At-Large Representative Kiela Pierce

Lower School Leadership

Division Chair Shelly Bell
Parent Representative Abbey Lawson
Parent Representative Talia Morgan
Teacher Representative Amber Daniels
Administration/Staff Liaison Tracie Hughes

Middle School Leadership

Division Chair Rebecca Hill
Parent Representative Kim Daggs
Parent Representative Rebecca Smith
Teacher Representative Mallory Clark
Administration/Staff Liaison Beth Tollefson

Upper School Leadership

Division Chair Kris Wooten
Parent Representative Luann Johnson
Parent Representative Jill Strunk
Teacher Representative Janae Stephens
Administration/Staff Liaison Tammy Jensen