Classical Arts Council

Support The Arts At Crossings Christian School

Incredible things can happen when students are given the opportunity to grow their God-given talents through arts education. What we create through art and music becomes a vehicle for worship of our Creator. At Crossings Christian School we strive to provide opportunities for students to develop not only their academic and athletic abilities, but their creative abilities as well. With this endeavor in mind, we established the Classical Arts Council. As parent volunteers we seek to provide financial support for the arts and other programs here at Crossings. As our school grows, our needs grow as well. Through your generous support we were able to purchase a camera, musical instruments, debate reference books, drama scripts and costumes, and furniture, but there is more that is needed.

Strike Up The Band
And Join The Chorus

If your student is involved in Band, Orchestra, Vocal Music, Art, Academic Teams, Scholastic Teams, Debate or Drama you are a welcomed member of the Classical Arts Council. We are excited about the growth of arts education here at CCS, and, if you’d like to be part of that growth we invite you to volunteer. No auditions required!

CAC Team
Executive Officers 2018-2019

Cathy Pocock

Susan Waggoner

Karlin Propes

Dennell Thomas

Cindy Haley

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