Communication Tips and FAQ’s by the CCS PTF

Over the course of the last several years, GroupMe has grown to become a primary means of communication amongst parents for conversations in grade levels, PTF committees, and for homeroom parent chats at CCS. We recognize that the school will soon be adopting additional school approved communication platforms, but that GroupMe is still a primary source of communication for parents.

As we embark on a new school year unlike any other, having an easily accessible means of communication with other parents will be more important than ever. After receiving some parent feedback, the PTF and administration felt it might be helpful for both new and existing families to review some FAQ’s as well as the DO’s and DO NOT’s of how to best utilize group communication tools.


  • Check your child’s grade level website before asking a question on a group. Lower School teachers work hard to keep all pertinent information updated on grade level homepages, and it is definitely the first place you should check! Many parents find it useful to bookmark them and keep them readily accessible on your phone/tablet/computer.
  • Post reminders for upcoming class events, dress up days, parties, field trips, etc. (ie. “Don’t forget to send a pumpkin to school with your child tomorrow!”).
  • Phone a friend! Whenever possible, direct messaging through the app and/or text messaging your child’s homeroom mom is a great way to get a question answered without sending another notification to everyone.
  • Use as a means to encourage community! Have an opening on a sports team with other CCS students? Want to officially welcome a new family to CCS? Have a note of encouragement you’d like to share? These are all ways to include and build up our community and are always welcome.
  • Be a good steward of other parents’ time and notifications. Many parents have multiple groups for multiple children plus sports teams, church groups, extra curricular activities, etc. Be thoughtful about your posts and responses and mindful that many conversations can be continued outside of a group, and keep exchanges as brief as possible. Confirmations, appreciations, communicating that money has been sent for group gifts, can be expressed through “liking” a message vs. a verbal reply.


  • Use GroupMe as a means to promote yourself personally. Any content that is not directly related to school events, academics, or classroom/grade level specific questions is not relevant to share (ie. personal business promoting, direct sales, non-school related fundraising, etc.)
  • Treat GroupMe like other social networking sites. Politically based posts or any links that are irrelevant to school-related content are not acceptable.
  • Use GroupMe as a forum to vent about teachers, students, administration, or school policy. Any comments of this nature are subject to being reported to administration and/or removal from a group.


Q: How do I know what groups I should be in and how do I get added?
A: If you haven’t been added to either your child(ren)’s grade level groups or individual classes, your homeroom mom(s) will be reaching out shortly to ensure everyone is added to both. These groups will be  titled along the lines of “Class of 2030” and/or “Mrs. Balan’s Homeroom”

Q: Do both parents need to be added to all groups?
A: Which parents are added to groups pertaining to their child(ren) is up to each household individually.

Q: Do I have to be a part of any/all GroupMe groups?
A: No. However, this is the primary tool the majority of homeroom moms will utilize to communicate important information such as group teacher gifts, class/grade level reminders, school events, etc. There is a function in the settings part of the app to mute notifications if you find them to be bothersome.

Q: How does the direct message feature work on GroupMe?
A: Go to a group you share with that individual, locate his/her name and click on his/her picture.