Enrollment through May 18, 2018

Crossings Christian School Online Academy

Flexible Online Courses for Summer School

Summer Course Usage

  • Recover credits
  • Course advancement
  • Decrease time for course completion compared to school year
  • Study a course that interests you

Top Benefits of Online Dual Credit

  • Save money with reduced tuition
  • Save time by:
    • Earning high school and college credits
    • Reducing the time to earn a college degree
  • Get a head start on core college requirements
  • Develop online skills for college and career
  • Explore areas of academic interest
  • Ease the transition into college life

Online summer courses enable you to earn credits in a flexible, convenient and relevant way. Whether your post-high school plans are to attend college, or to pursue other challenging endeavors, familiarity with online courses and the technology that comes with them, enable you to obtain 21st century skills that are a great asset for life.

Our online program includes over 90 core and elective courses that meet or exceed national standards as well as College Board approved AP courses! There are over 200 Dual Credit courses offered through regionally accredited Christian colleges and universities.

NOTE: Online courses should not be taken as a replacement for core academic courses offered onsite at CCS unless approved by the Academic Counselor.

Required orientation for summer courses on Tuesday, May 29, 2018, or by appointment.

Certified Christian Teachers with Subject Matter Expertise are Assigned to Each Student!

Teachers will:

  • Be a living example of a Christian to their students.
  • Assist students academically in completing their coursework.
  • Provide timely feedback on assignments and hold students accountable for their automatic target dates.
  • Be available to respond to communication from students and parents within 24 hours during weekdays.

Online Academy Registration Information

CCS has partnered with Sevenstar, the online Christian school, to offer students additional academic options. The primary purpose of the online academy is to partner with students who need additional electives and/or need credit recovery. In addition, courses not currently offered at CCS may also be available through the online academy. Occasionally a student may need to be placed on an accelerated learning pace. Online courses may be recommended in this instance. CCS must approve enrollment in an online course.

Username:  gccs3057
Password:  goknightsgo1

One-time Registration Fee: $45.00
Average Course Fees:

  • Core/Elective:  1 Credit, $700-$900
  • Core/Elective:  0.5 Credit, $575-$770
  • Credit Recovery Class:  $550-$700
  • AP/Dual Credit:  $800-$1,100

NOTE:  Fees vary by course. Certain classes have an additional cost and require additional course materials. Enrollment fees must be paid in full before a student is officially enrolled in a course. CCS must enroll a student by Wednesday to start the course on the following Monday.