The entire process of education is seen as a means used by the Holy Spirit to bring the student into fellowship with God, to develop a Christian mind in him and to train him in godly living, so that he can fulfill God’s total purpose for his life personally and vocationally.

Dr. H. Gene Garrick

Educational Philosophy

CCS is a Christian college preparatory school. CCS desires to assist families, representing the diversity of the surrounding community, in developing students who reach their God-given potential. Our Christian purposes for education are directly related to Christian purposes for living. The Christian lives for God and His glory. By providing a safe, nurturing environment, loving but firm discipline, strong academics, and moral standards, the purposes for Christian education can begin to be met.

One purpose is to learn about God and the truth of His Word. This is primarily accomplished through Bible curriculum and the integration of Scriptures into every curricular area. A second purpose would be to lead students to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ and encourage them to respond further by committing themselves fully to God and the truth contained in the Scriptures. Finally, students are taught to take this truth and be doers of the word, thus meeting another purpose of Christian education, responding to God and His truth. By teaching students the importance of obedience to God’s instructions for righteous living, they are moved from acquisition of knowledge to application of knowledge. A Christian education would also train students to impact others with the knowledge of God and His truth through communication, service, evangelism, discipleship, and then finally, impacting others through career choices that lead to God-honoring work in their vocations.

CCS accomplishes the purposes of Christian education through a combination of strong Bible-based curriculum as well as strong traditional and classical curriculum. CCS adheres to the Core Knowledge Sequence, a sequence of content designed to help children establish strong foundations of knowledge, grade by grade. Goals for academic excellence are set in math, language arts, social studies, science, foreign language, physical education, music, art, and the fine arts. However, all content areas are infused with a biblical perspective given by Christian teachers.

CCS employs teachers who are committed to Christ and the purposes of Christian education. It is the people who make the program Christian. Teachers model Christian character and conduct as well as love of learning. CCS teachers are charged with being instructors of God’s truth, strong educators in their content areas, and nurturers of children. They view teaching as a calling from God and a ministry to the family in the incredible task of educating the child. This awesome responsibility can only be fulfilled with the continual help of the Holy Spirit.

“Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be your slave – just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

Matthew 20:26-28