CCS Alumni

As a graduate of CCS, you have moved from being a student to being one of our counterparts, spokesmen, friends, and, most importantly, a vital part of the CCS Family – you are an Alumni of CCS.

The relationship between an alumni and their school is symbiotic. Both the school and the Alumni have significant responsibilities:

A part of the school’s responsibility is to provide a welcome place for you to frequent and visit friends, teachers and one another. Look to receive special items in the mail this year as well as email invitations to participate in special events over the course of the year!

As an alumni of CCS, your charge is represent both the school and Christ as a Christ-centered servant leader, a task we know you will each display beautifully.

As a CCS graduate, you will always hold a special place in our hearts and we trust you feel the same about your Alma Mater. As a school we will continue to pray for you and your journey with God. Please continue to pray for your school and the students that will follow in your path.

We are thankful and proud of our Alumni, Go Knights!

Help us stay in touch with you by forwarding your CCS email account to your main email address. For more information or to retrieve your CCS email password, please contact us at